1,000 Gifts continued…

October 13, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is my continued list of things for which I am thankful…Let me also add I am continuing to pray for the Chilean mine rescue. They have got to be exhausted, but praise God that things are going so well. Please pray with me!

51. for older saints who help guide the way.
52. for different personalities they enrich my life and help me understand God better
53. for the crunch of fall leaves under my feet
54. for cool breezes (I may need a jacket soon)
55. for my children’s laughter
56. for compliments from my two year old, “You sweet mommy.”
57. when my kids implement what I have been modeling and speaking into their lives
58. for laughter
59. for Benedryl and how it helps fight allergic reactions
60. for my crazy type-A, but very cool under pressure personality (how did God do that?)
61. for my husband who balances me wonderfully well
62. for books
63. for God’s word my feast
64. for God’s intricate symphony that we call life. He is sovereign.
65. for God’s power and might. He is a force to be reckoned with.
66. for grace and mercy
67. for the fruits of the spirit, meaning it is the spirit that makes them grow in me and I don’t have to try to come up with the fruit myself.
68. for Pickle Ball (it is a fun sport to play with my family)
69. for a quiet house during nap time
70. for time to spend with only my dear husband
71. for time to spend with my girl friends
72. for fall decor. I just love it!
73. for pumpkin scented candles
74. that suffering has a purpose, to draw me closer to God and make me more like Him
75. that God is not finished with me yet.


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