Speaking Topics

I am available to speak on the following topics:

Battling Joy “Stookers”

You will discover the things that steal your joy for today and learn practical ways for keeping those joy “stookers” at bay.  I can tailor this talk specifically for those suffering infertility.

Experiencing God’s Love While Waiting His Answer

This talk offers practical tools for how to experience God’s love while waiting for Him to answer your prayers.  I can tailor this talk specifically for those suffering infertility, but can also be tailored to a more general group.

Faith that is Big Enough

This talk unpacks the account of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego’s faith while facing the fiery furnace.  Through it you will discover faith that will stand strong while facing your own fiery furnace.  I can tailor this talk specifically for those suffering infertility or a more general group.

Guarding Your Treasure

This talk was originally given to fifth and sixth graders but can be tailored to any age group. It encourages guarding the treasure of the bodies God gave us for our future spouse or if we do not get married guarding it to give it back to God. Here are a few excerpts from this talk:

Wrestling with God: How to Encourage Your Infertile Friend

Through retelling my story of infertility I set the stage for you to better understand what your infertile friend is feeling and wrestling with. I share how to choose to cling to God and wrestle with Him through the difficult times. Then I wrap it up with things not to say to your infertile friend and things to say.

Here are some excerpts from this talk:

I can also turn most of my blog posts into talks as well.

Please contact me for more information at: angela@rethinkingmythinking.com


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