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April 20, 2011 § 4 Comments

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God has given us all missions. Jesus sent us all to make disciples. God has a mission for you – a mission to bring Him glory and honor.

Things to know about your mission…

1. God-given missions never contradict God’s word

2. God-given missions are beyond your abilities that is why you have God and why they are God-given.

3. God has gifted, shaped, and directed your life (sin, painful, dark times and all) to prepare you for your mission.

4. You have a mission now. God wants to use you as a kid, a mother of young kids, a grandparent, a barren woman, a single man, a married couple, a senior adult, etc. Your mission never ends and it begins the moment you accept Jesus as your savior. From then on you are His and you are on mission for Him.

Jesus had a mission too. This holy week, I want you to think about His mission. Born to die for our sins that we may live with Him in eternity. What a SAVIOR!

Now I have a mission for you as well…If you choose to accept it. 😉 My new blog is ready for prime time…YEA!!!!!!! The kicker? Even if you subscribe to this blog, I need you to sign up again on my new blog. I tried to import you all, but feedburner would not let me do it. So kindly meet me over there and tomorrow (Good Friday) there will be a give away for the official opening day of Rethinking My Thinking’s new blog! Click on over here and join me at my new home!!!


That Day

March 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

Here is a poem I wrote dated 6-20-2002

That Day

You cried for me that day.
You cried for my waywardness.
You cried for my pain.
You thought of me and You cried.

You prayed for me that day.
You prayed for strength.
You prayed against temptation.
You thought of me and You prayed.

You died for me that day.
You died for my sins.
You died for my freedom.
You thought of me and You died.

You rose for me that day.
You rose for victory.
You rose for reconciliation.
You thought of me and You rose.

You ascended for me that day.
You ascended to prepare for me.
You ascended to send Your Spirit.
You thought of me and You ascended.

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