Waiting, Writing, Waiting, Writing…

April 13, 2011 § 9 Comments

Have you watched the movie Facing Giants? Here is a short scene I want you to watch:

God has given me a vision. It is a big one. One that I cannot make happen myself. One that I have to trust God to do in His time and in His way. At times this dream seems unreachable and things don’t seem to fall into place like I think they should. Doors are not opening up, rejection notices come, my e-mail box remains empty. When I start to despair I remember this scene. Am I trusting that God will bring the rain? If I am then I must prepare my fields.

My dreams for sharing Him with others through the written and spoken word are huge. I know that God can do it through me and that I cannot do it myself. I am humbled when one person says my writing blessed him or her. I am honored that God would use me to point other to Jesus. Oh that all our hearts would burn for Him.

So while I wait for the rain, I write. I submit. I fail. I succeed. I wait. I write. I speak. I fail. I succeed. All of it is for God’s glory. All of it is to bring praise to Him. All is because He loves me enough to give me breath and words and thoughts. All for Him.

So as I am praying for rain for this ministry, for articles I have submitted, for the book I am writing, for speaking engagements, for women struggling with infertility, for others struggling with dark times, for us all to be more like Him, will you pray with me? Will you pray that I will obey and wait and write and prepare my fields? I can’t wait to see the God’s sized harvest God is going to reap through this ministry. I am so glad that you want to be a part of it.

How can you help me?

1. Pray (I have submitted three articles. I am waiting to know if the editors have accepted them. I am also working on one more and finishing my book)
2. Tell your women’s ministry director about me. (I would love to come and speak at your church)
3. Tell your friends about me and my blog.

Now how can I pray for you? Leave a comment or if you need to click on the contact me and send me an e-mail. I would love to lift you up in prayer.


Prayer, James, and Blemishes

March 17, 2011 § 2 Comments

Why Pray?

March 15, 2011 § 4 Comments

If God’s plans can’t be thwarted, if He is omniscient, if He is omnipotent, then why pray?

What difference does it really make?

Logically it doesn’t make sense. And yet:

God tells us to pray…

Ephesians 6:18 “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people.”

Jesus prayed…

Luke 5:17 “But Jesus often withdrew to lonely places and prayed.”

So what does praying do? Why pray?

In this short blog post I can’t even begin to scratch the surface of prayer, but there are some simple things that God has been speaking to my heart about prayer…

1. True prayer changes the pray-er. Suddenly the person praying is no longer looking at his or her circumstances, he is no longer figuring out what he can do to fix things. Instead the he is humbling coming to the Father, the Almighty King, and laying his concerns at the feet of God. In order to pray the pray-er must admit things are beyond him and that things are not beyond God. So God is on the throne and the pray-er is on his knees. Check out 2 Chronicles 7:14

2. True prayer brings God near. Deuteronomy 4:7 says, “What other nation is so great as to have their gods near them the way the LORD our God is near us whenever we pray to him?” So God is near us when we pray. Oh when He is near us we feel comfort, experience His peace, and can rest in His perfect weaving together of events (our sin, our obedience, others’ sins, others’ obedience, natural events) into His tapestry of grace and love. Working out good for those who love Him. Yes, when we pray we can see Him in our everything working out His perfect plan even when it doesn’t match our longings.

3. True prayer that changes hearts and brings God near brings peace that guards our hearts and minds. Philippians 4:6-7 “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” Because God is near, because we are humbled, then we can experience peace that guards our hearts and minds in Jesus! Oh that our hearts and minds would be guarded in Christ Jesus so we would obey Him, bring joy to Him, follow Him all the days of our lives! Amazing that God would bring that about when we pray!

Why do you pray? What have you learned about prayer? Share with me…

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Praying For You: Does it Mean Anything?

March 12, 2011 § 21 Comments

Facebook status: “My last ultrasound showed my baby was small, next test scheduled on Tuesday.”

I commented: “Praying for you.”

Facebook status: “My husband is going on his 50th job interview over the last nine months. Pray he gets this one.”

Many comment: “Praying”

The question is what does “praying for you” really mean? Do we really pray right then as we send our comment into cyberspace? Are we adding these people to our prayer lists (if we have them)? Or are we holding up our Christian card and keeping up appearances?

Or is it possible that “praying for you” is only another way of saying “hugs” or “thinking about you?” It is a comfort term rather than something we are actually doing? Does that term make us sound good and holy when we are not even bringing the concern to the Throne of Grace? Have we gotten too comfortable with praying that we don’t even realize we are addressing the God who created all things, the all-powerful One?

I admit it is easy to say, “praying for you,” and not really mean it. I pray that I never say/write it without actually praying for that person right then…Most often when I say/write it I mean I have prayed for you and as God brings you to mind I will pray for you again. I am not a list maker or a prayer journal-er. I sometimes aspire to be, but it is not the way I am wired.

As I mentioned in an earlier post, most of my prayer time is the “pray continually” kind. As I am wiping noses, observing children, washing dishes, driving, I am praying. So I have my mental list and my mental list may not be as “good” as it used to be. I am becoming more and more forgetful. Ok I admitted it, I like to blame it on my kids. I mean I have more brain cells dedicated to different people now than ever before…My point is that I may only “pray” for a situation rather than truly “praying.” Does the comment “praying for you” hold water when I only pray once?

I know what I think, but I want to know what you think.

What do you mean when you say/write, “praying for you?” What do you think others mean when they say/write, “praying for you?”

Jump in and join the discussion… And thank you Justin Voris for the idea that prompted this post!

Do I Really Pray?

March 10, 2011 § 11 Comments

I am studying the book of Daniel in Bible Study. I struggle studying prophecy. I just don’t have pertinent historical facts filed away in my brain. Then there are about as many ways to interpret prophecy as there are people. So the prophetic portions of Daniel have taught me three things. God has a plan, His plan cannot be thwarted, and God wants us to be alert and ready for His return.

This week we studied Daniel chapter 9. Here is where God just got up in my grill. Like the baseball manager who presses his belly against the umpire’s chest protector and screams his displeasure. Only it was God voicing His displeasure with love, while I – the lowly manager of the time, talents, and resources He has given me – go all silent. Then I get the look. That sheepish one. You know that look of suddenly realizing you are in the wrong and how foolish you look.

Well there I was studying for Bible study, after I had read my quiet time passage, and written my blog post. I had done some pretty good time with God today. I was feeling pretty good about myself. Then I saw it…Daniel was reading his Bible too. The book of Jeremiah to be exact and when he got to a certain place, he did something. He put on sackcloth, sat in ashes, fasted, and prayed.

So backing up here, I had read my Bible, written a blog post to encourage others to be more Godly, and was studying my Bible, but God’s word hadn’t driven me to pray. I wasn’t moved in my emotions or my thinking. I was studiously checking things of my list. As if God cares about sacrifice. NO He cares about a broken and contrite spirit. He wants my faith, my time in the word to be translated into action. Specifically He wants me to pray for myself, for others, for our nation, for other nations.

I pray. I pray as I get up, as I wash dishes, I pray with each of my kids as they wake up and when they go to sleep. I pray on the fly, everywhere. But do I pray? Do I sit down without computer, phone, distraction and really pray? Do I come before God like Daniel did to confess sins, to ask for mercy. Do I sit still on my knees and pray? I confess not very often and by that I mean once a month would be stretching it.

Do I ever REALLY PRAY? Does God expect me to pray that way? I mean Him and me and nothing else…On my knees? Jesus prayed. He prayed for hours. Could it be that my bed bound grandmother is doing more kingdom work as she prays throughout her day than I do as I chase my kids, write, speak, teach Sunday School, and lead small groups?

What would it look like if I would at least weekly spend 5, 10, 15 minutes on my knees literally?

So here it is…I commit to spend at least 15 minutes a week on my knees in intentional prayer time. This does not change my pray continually lifestyle that I am still working on. No, it just adds a new dimension.

Anyone care to join me? Let’s talk more about this subject of prayer. I can’t wait to hear what God is telling you! I hope you join me!

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Best Laid Plans…

February 2, 2011 § 2 Comments

We had a snow/ice day yesterday in my house. All three kids home from school. Me unable to do most of what I planned on doing. Here is a brief synopsis of my day…

1. Got to sleep in a bit! YEAH

2. During lunch I decided to put bowls out to catch snow (the sleet had stopped and snow was finally falling) so we could make snow ice cream. I went outside without my coat and in slippers. I completely wiped out…Bowls flew, slippers flew, I landed on my rear. Hard. After determining I hadn’t broken anything, I went to find my slippers. I had to stand barefooted in the ice and walk a few feet to get back into my slippers and pick up the bowls. By the way, all that work was for NOTHING. It didn’t snow enough for ice cream. Oh and only my pride was injured except for being really sore today.

3. During nap-time I did a vlog to post for today. However YouTube still says it has a “unknown error” and I have been unable to upload it.

4. J started croupy coughing during nap (while I was working with YouTube)…I still had medicine from last time he had croup to give him, but needed steroids called in. So called his doctor, called my sweet husband. Doctor called back, meds called in…Called hubby to pick up meds. He had only a slightly rough night and seems to be doing pretty well. Praise God!

5. As soon as I was off the phone, I heard a loud crash outside…I didn’t even have to look, I knew. Someone had slid on the ice and into our fence. When I looked outside there was an SUV stuck in our fence because the ground was too soft or slick or something to get out. They were stuck…Husband came home. The wreckers were busy with another wreck, so we invited driver, his pregnant wife, and his mom who came to pick them up in case their car was not drivable once it was unstuck into our house to stay warm. L helped keep them entertained. No one was injured.

6. When the wrecker came, we discovered they had knocked over a gas meter. The wrecker guy called 911, we called the gas company. We never lost gas at our house amazingly enough. (God is good isn’t He?) At one point we had four vehicles with flashing lights outside our house. The gas company, the wrecker, the fire department, and the police. The guy who hit our fence called the police to file a report and the police originally went to the wrong address. In fact he could have left before the police got there, but he was an honest man and stayed around to make sure the report was filed. Praise God! The kicker?! The gas company guys spent hours outside with floodlights and backhoes fixing the meter. Did I mention it is COLD outside?

Therefore, all my plans to have a great vlog for you all never materialized. However it made for a great story…And a great reminder that God hears our prayers. Psalm 18:6 “In my distress I called to the LORD; I cried to my God for help. From his temple he heard my voice; my cry came before him, into his ears.”

How has this crazy weather affected you? Can’t wait to find out!

I tried to insert a picture of the fence and I can’t. I tried to add tags to this post and I can’t. I may go back to bed and try again! πŸ˜‰ Blessing to you all…

I restarted my computer…Now there is a picture! WOOHOO!!! God is good even when I can’t tag or insert a picture! πŸ˜‰

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A Little Reality

January 28, 2011 § 6 Comments

In case you have a picture of me…Dressed perfectly…Perfect kids…Neat and tidy house….

Let me tell you the reality of me…

1. I LOVE to wear “work-out clothes.” Always. An elastic waistband and a cotton t-shirt make me smile. I feel home. Don’t get me wrong dressing up is ok, but I prefer active wear. πŸ˜‰ Dressing like that is more comfortable and quicker than dressing up…

2. Sometimes my kids and I have p.j. days. Yes really…I spend a whole day wearing pajamas. In fact I am tainting my kids because they LOVE p.j. days too.

3. I have no ability to organize. I dream of a tidy home, I try to, there are times when it is better than others. However most days my house looks like an office and a toy room married and had kids. Papers and toys everywhere. I claim my twin sister stole my organizing gene in utero. She is organized and tidy. I am not. Praying somehow the gene is recessive and my kids can have it…I doubt it, but I would like it!

4. My kids are not perfect. I have drama, thumb-sucking, potty-training issues, and straight up defiance. I wonder where they got that? Let’s move on…

5. I often have to warm up my coffee because I get distracted and don’t drink it until it is cold. Sometimes I drink it cold.

6. I love my husband, but I often don’t respond to him as I should. Yet he loves me and calls me beautiful (even on my p.j. days).

I am glad that God doesn’t call the perfect…Aren’t you? He loves us the way we are and sees Jesus in us. AMAZING!!!

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I am praying for you and appreciate your prayers for me!

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